Controversial Adanac Park Community Garden opens officially

CBNnews  Posted: September 26,2011 by Jose Marin

The Adanac Park Community Garden located in East Vancouver Side on the corner of Boundary Road and Adanac Street, was opened officially.

The opening act occurred just one year after this controversial project was created by the neighbors from Adanac Park area on September, 2010.

The controversy emerged in May, 2010 when the Adanac Housing Co-operative Society proposed to create a community garden using a small space of the Adanac Park.

Few people rejected the project arguing lack of information and demanding respect for the public space used by soccer, volleyball and Frisbee players.

“It is not a good deal for all residents”

Jean Scott, resident of Adanac Park area expressed his disagree with this initiative.

“The Adanac Park’s landscape has been changed and the space for entertainment has been reduced significantly. It is not a good deal for all residents and that community garden only benefits a few families” said Scott.

 “community interaction and education” 

Loret  Harris who is involved in this project has defended the creation of the community garden.

“The results during the first year of operation are very good in terms of food and flowers production. The community garden purpose is not only to provide opportunities for the residents for growing affordable organic produce, but also the community interaction and education” said Harris.

Now, 56 families in a space of 125 feet by 95 feet are cultivating organic produce such as carrots, potatoes, radishes, sunflowers, beans, lettuce and other vegetables. Parents and children participate in the garden activities and everyone is responsible to take care of the place.

The Vancouver Park Board  approved the project on September 23, 2010, after a public consultation with 9 responses from the local community; 7 supported the proposal and 2 opposed it.

The Community Garden is operated by the Adanac Park Community GardenSociety in a standard term user agreement for five years.

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